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Hily – A Combination Of AI & Analytics In Online Dating

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Hily, Hily Dating App

Dating through apps has many shortcomings, with privacy & security being the top concern. The number of fake profiles, cat-fishing, spams is a growing concern. This can be reduced by the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). Putting trust in algorithms, a relatively newer app Hily (Hey I Like You) was launched in 2017 by Yan Pronin & Alex Pasykov. Pronin’s professional background in analytics helped him in curating the Hily app.

The idea behind the Hily app was to connect prospective partners based on shared interests instead of physical attractiveness or current location. With the use of statistical algorithms & machine learning, Hily takes a step further in finding the best possible match for you.

How Does Hily Work?

Hily shows you the ideal matches taking into consideration your common interests. The special algorithm lets you see the users you can really like not just the ones in your location. Taking cues from Tinder, Hily allows users to like or dislike on a user’s profile. You can message a user only when you mutually like each other’s profile.

So, What Aspects Make Hily Different From Other Apps? Let’s Find Out More

Verified & Hand-picked Profiles

You can sign up for Hily using your email address or a Facebook account & developing on photo capture log in. once you create an account you need to fill up basic details about yourself along with your photos. The unique feature of Hily is the “risk score”, depending on a user’s profile. If a user has a high-risk score, the app can block other users from sending their personal information.

Users Can Send Virtual Hearts or Bubbles

Need help in making the first move? Hily offers icebreakers to spark a conversation with your match. You can send virtual hearts or bubbles to users along with video messages or GIFs. You can also earn hearts by sending it to your friends or watching a short ad.

Create Stories & Check Your Activity

You can easily create or watch the story of any user. Sharing the events of your life is made easy with the Hily app. This can be a medium of engaging with other users. Apart from creating stories, you can also check your activity. The “Event” feature allows you to keep track of your likes & mutual likes.

Users Can Submit New Feature Requests

Users have to opportunity to improve the app by submitting feature requests. This will help create unique experiences for Hily users. In case if you don’t find a match nearby, you can choose to invite some people from your contacts or Facebook by a referral link.

Exploring The App Is Fun With A Neat Interface

The core of Hily lies in machine learning. It analyses your swipes, likes & comments & suggests a suitable match. The more you use the app, the more detailed the matches it would provide for future matches. You get notified about new likes, matches, and other activities.

What Is Hily Elixir?

Hily Elixir is a magic potion to give your profile the extra boost. Using the extra features like rollback, chat requests, extended features, incognito mode you can improve the chances of meeting your partner. The subscription costs $14.99 for 1 week, $53.99 for 3 months. With constant upgrades, Hily is adding more features over time.

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