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Wingman – Vouch On Your Friends & Family To Set You A Date

Wingman, Wingman Dating App

We all need a person in our life who helps, guides & motivates us for good. It may be your family member or friend. That’s what we call a Wingman. Do you think your friends know what’s best for you? Have you made disastrous choices previously? If you rely on your friend’s choice, there is an app that lets your friend find a match for you.

Making your friend your Wingman gives them the control of choosing what’s the best for you or you can turn out to be their savior. Wingman is a relatively newer app but has been gaining popularity for all the right reasons. Developed by Tina Wilson, the Wingman app has about 40% of married women swiping for their single friends. Wingman is easily available on Android & iOS.

Unlike other apps wherein you’re the in-charge of everything, Wingman takes all the dating admin from you, putting it in the hands of your mates.

How Do My Friends Create My Profile?

The process of creating a profile is very simple. Just log-in to the app with Facebook & create a profile for any single friend. You can choose up-to 5 wingman who can set a profile, with a detailed bio about you. Once they write a bit about you, it needs your approval before going live. Your friends swipe up profiles on your behalf. You get notification only if it’s a match. This saves you from endless swiping.

Does The Wingman App Really In Finding A Date?

Your pal’s aid in your romantic life here can be much more effective in terms of providing credibility than a stand-alone profile. There are many upsides to having a Wingman like

Your Profile Is A Testimonial Of Your Friends

Ever thought your friends would write up cheeky things about you? The core feature of Wingman lies in the creation of a profile by your pals. Your friends see beyond the personal flaws which you obsess over. This, in turn, boost your confidence & makes your faith restored in online dating.

Check The Matches Your Pal Has Matched You

There is a leader board wherein you can check which friend of yours has made the highest number of matches for you to date. They get rewarded for the same with points. These points can be used to unlock additional features.
Online dating is easy as friends have your back

While your trusted friends weigh in your best qualities, it provides you a kind of assurance, that your friends won’t let you repeat the same mistakes which you had made earlier. If you think your pals have a terrible taste, it will be a test for them.

Saves You From The Embarrassment Of Rejection

The best part of Wingman is it saves you from the feeling of being dejected. You won’t get to know if someone rejects you, only your friend knows it. All you have to worry about is taking a step ahead after a mutually liked match.

Apart from letting you meet the man of your dreams, your wingman also benefits from this setup. If things work out, your friends can contribute indirectly to your happiness, they could also become a maid of honor or best man.

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