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Breakup at a Wedding, Victor Quinaz & Alison Fyhrie

Breakup at a Wedding, Directed by Victor Quinaz & played by Alison Fyhrie

Breakup at a Wedding was the debut film of comedy group PERIODS. This was directed by Victor Quinaz and written by Anna Martemucci, Victor Quinaz as well as Philip Quinaz, the movie was made through Before the Door Pictures (All is Lost Margin Call) and Anonymous Content (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). It was released on the 21st of June 2013 and here we shall discuss its journey till 2021.

On April 24, 2013 – Oscilloscope Laboratories had announced that it had purchased North American rights to Victor Quinaz’s first feature, BREAKUP AT A WEDDING.

Story states that the evening before the couple was to get married the groom’s (Philip Quinaz) girlfriend Alison (Alison Fyhrie) has cold feet and decides to postpone their wedding. After having broken his heart she is able to convince him to perform a fake wedding ceremony in order to keep a clean face before their guests and family. Phil is adamant, hoping that the wedding present he’s planned for her will force her reconsider her choice. They could not have been prepared for the myriad of unexpected problems that would arise once guests showed up to witness their separation at the wedding.

IMDB Brief Points

  • Director: Victor Quinaz
  • Writers: A.M. Lukas, Philip Quinaz, Victor Quinaz
  • Stars: Alison Fyhrie, Philip Quinaz, Mary Grill
  • IMDb RATING: 5.1/10

Overview of the “Breakup at a Wedding”

Breakup at a Wedding” with stars Alison Fyhrie and Philip Quinaz has following overview:

Alison (as Alison Fyhrie) has reservations about the day she is to marry the gentle Phil (Philip Quinaz). However, the couple decides to hold an impromptu wedding to safeguard their guests. The wedding is plagued by a variety of mishaps, all of which are captured on film by an ever-present videographer (Victor Quinaz, the film’s director), who is well aware that this wedding film may become his finest work.

The Quinaz brothers co-wrote the picture with Anna Martemucci, and the writing maintains a high level of absurdity while avoiding the over-the-top insanity that other films in the genre indulge in. The story develops just as you believe it will, but the concept of watching the entire story through the eyes of a cameraman lends a new perspective to everyday events unlike stranger video chat on omegle.

Alison finds herself cold feet and decides to end her relationship

The film is viewed through the eyes of a feisty wedding photographer (played by director Victor Quinaz), BREAKUP at a WEDDING showcases the wedding day of Alison Jones (Alison Fyhrie) and Phil Havemeyer (Philip Quinaz, the director’s real-life cousin) in all its messy, sprawling, and sometimes wildly drunken splendor.

As they approach their wedding day, Alison finds herself cold feet and decides to end her relationship with her fiancé Phil. However, rather than risk the shame of having to cancel the wedding ceremony, Alison suggests to Phil that they go ahead by having a fake wedding. Phil is willing to give it a shot, but he is secretly believing that a present that he is planning for Alison could alter her mind.

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