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What Makes Tinder The Best Choice

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Over the years, Tinder has become one of the successful dating sites ever. It majorly supports young people who are searching for casual dates. It’s typically easy to use nature has changed the mobile dating world and has become synonymous with casual hookups.

The User-Friendly Nature Makes Connections Much Faster Than Before

Tinder allows you to choose your interests i.e. the gender you are looking for. It takes your location and age and shows you the available candidates. The user must link it to their Facebook account to log in. Any of your Facebook friends will never come on Tinder, making sure that you only meet new people. That’s something a lot of people like about it. You get to see pictures of people who are local to you and you can either right swipe or left swipe their profile. Right swipe means you are interested in them. Your profile will be shown to them as well and if you both right-swipe each other then it will be a match. Now you can text each other.

Large User Base Increases Probability Of Finding Most Suitable Partner

Tinder has so far generated more than 9 million matches to date. It has a user base of massive 25 million members and out of this over 1 million users are Tinder Plus subscribers. Currently, the app is available in 24-languages. Tinder has been given the first rank in the lifestyle category in both most used phones that is Apple App Store and Google Play Store. On average, Tinder members usually spend 35 minutes on the app every day with about 140 swipes. With this much amount of user base, it makes it more probable to find the person you are looking for!

Tinder Has Become Synonymous For Casual Dating App

The App is known for its casualness and it’s a general perception about the app that people login mainly to get physical closeness or one nightstand.Tinder would have proudly worn a scarlet letter for the best hookup app if the world would have had any nomination of that sort. Despite its notorious reputation, Tinder is still considered to be one of the best dating apps. However, it is being reported that Tinder creates a desirability score for its every member. The results of this labour are yet to be seen. No matter where you are and what you are occupied with, you can get yourself a quick date with Tinder. For now, the app is known to give the choices solely based on location.

Getting A Meaningful Relationship Might Be a Challenge!

Although, some are looking for deeper relationships, the percentage is quite low. In one of the surveys, it was seen that 20% of Tinder users use the app for a hookup, 27% of them use it to meet their significant other while a majority, that is 53% use Tinder to find friends, with or without benefits!

Therefore, the ones looking for a serious relationship might find it difficult to meet like-minded people, but you can always try. And one should always be very clear about their needs when they start talking to online people. It is a possibility that other people might pick up hints you didn’t give which will further complicate the situation. The conclusion is that if you are looking for a casual interaction then Tinder is a no-brainer, but looking for love? Well, not the best place but fingers crossed!

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